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Hey guys, I was thinking of trying a fat burner to help with my toning and was curious if any of you have tried either Shredz and/or Synedrex? I’ve read good reviews on both but am wanting to make sure that they don’t cause a lot of nausea or any side effects like that.

Or if you have any suggestions on any that you’ve tried that have shown results. Thanks!


I’m sure most of you have seen this before. Yes, it’s the much raved about Frank Body Scrub!
I am absolutely in love with this. The Frank body scrub is an all natural exfoliator that targets problem skin such as eczema, cellulite, stretch marks, etc. It’s made with fresh coffee grinds and other natural ingredients.
I was a bit reluctant to try this in the first place thinking it’s just another exfoliator that will mess up my skin, but this scrub proved me wrong. It left my skin looking more even, glowing and moisturised to a point where it’s actually addicting to use.
No, it does not stain your skin, but it does leave a mess in the shower, and it can be a bit of a problem to clean up.
However, if you’re someone who’s suffering from eczema, this is something I recommend. It’s soothing and makes it so much better. This is also for all of you with dry skin!
10/10 would recommend!


The idea behind this collection of workouts is to maximize your schedule! They all are based on HIIT style intervals where you have 2 minutes of medium exertion exercises, 1 minute of high exertion exercise, and then 30 seconds of a strength building exercise. Whether you’re seriously on the run and only have 10 minutes or want to combine any of these for a longer, custom workout, you can make this plan work for your goals!

For more at home, equipment free workout plans like this go here! :)

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THE VICTORIA’S SECRET MODEL WORKOUTBrought to you by L&V of theskinnies.co
First of all we want to start out by saying that neither of us are personal trainers or nutritionists. We simply have done a ton of research consisting of interviews with VS models and their trainers, and the facts of how you get a tight, tiny, and toned body. Everyone has a different caloric intake goal for the day; some people may be aiming for under 1,000 calories, while others are looking to eat around 2,000 calories a day. Just a little disclaimer: if you’re worried about your health, you should never go below 1,200 calories. We understand that everyone has different goals and opinions on what their body needs. Some of us are a little crazier than others. 
Below is a list of Victoria’s Secret Model workouts. These are inspired by the models who have those superhuman sexy bodies, and some of the workouts were even made by the VS model trainers themselves! This workout plan is designed to go along with the Victoria’s Secret Model Diet, also brought to you by L&V of theskinnies.co. 
Here’s what to do. 
Pick a few different VS themed workouts to do from the list below, and do them four days a week. Switch up which ones you do, so by the end of the week, you’ve done all or nearly all of the workouts. The workouts you choose should equal 40 minutes of exercise per day. Most of the following workouts are strength based, so one day a week, choose your favorite cardio exercise and do it for 30-40 minutes. That way, you’ll be working out 5 days a week and you’ll get both cardio and strength workouts. 
Victoria’s Secret Ab Workout (14:05)
Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Butt Workout (15:03)
Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Legs Workout (16:19)
Victoria’s Secret Angel Arm Workout (17:11)
Candice Swanepoel’s Butt Exercises (5:00)
Candice Swanepoel’s Leg Exercises (4:32)
Candice Swanepoel’s Core Exercises (4:02)
Miranda Kerr’s Ballet Workout (4:28)
Victoria’s Secret Model Fat Blasting Circuit (10:31)
So, for example, one day might be the Blogilates Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Butt workout, plus the Blogilates Victoria’s Secret Model Abs workout, plus the Victoria’s Secret Model Fat Blasting Circuit, and Miranda Kerr’s Ballet Workout. That would be about a 45 minute workout. Make sure you give yourself at least one rest day per week. I guarantee you’re going to be sore after some of these.Click here for the Victoria’s Secret model diet.


Extreme Ab Workout…CharlieJames1975 YouTube

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Best Body-weight Exercises For Burning Calories…VIDEO

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Tank Top Moves For Your Triceps/Arm Workout…PopSugarFitness Youtube

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